Coima Image

work is always founded on research and analyses. We relish the challenges inherent across a wide range of work, engaging our expertise and agility to deliver lasting, meaningful design that brings value and joy to clients and users.

Innovation in design

COIMA Image consistently pursues innovation and creativity. Our work adapts to user behaviour and new forms of technology, and our workstyle is collaborative. We seek to harness the knowledge and experience of our clients, stakeholders, industry partners, and consultants. Our designs evolve from the site and context, responding to their environment and local culture.


Designing high-performance workplaces and sustainable buildings is at the core of the COIMA Image design process. Our commitment to environmental stewardship not only creates environments that are livable and workplaces that are healthy, but also results in innovative and elegant architecture of long-term social and economic value.

Health & Wellbeing

We perform at our best when we are in motion, spending time outside and evolving through different physical, emotional, mental and spiritual states. Our approach is a people-focused process. The clients’ needs and the needs of users, are at the epicentre of our design. Providing spaces infused with the principles of health and well-being responds to the question of how to engage users and gratify them. In this light, the empowerment of the user becomes the first priority.