EDE - Employee Design Experience

Today, more than ever after experiencing a health emergency and remote working, a change in perspective is needed. Focusing on individuals and their experiences in diverse workplaces, rediscovering a proper balance between remote and in-office work, modifying offices with a new organizational model and a new workplace set-up are some of the challenges facing the corporate world. Through an integrated, multi-disciplinary vision it is possible to attain a new model. EDE is born: Employee Design Experience, the m2 Experience, in partnership with Valentina Annoni & Estella Ricco Partners, Psychologists for communication and organisations, experts in applied psychology to workspaces and organisational environments.
A synergetic course founded on the interlinking of three consultancies – Organizational Assessment, Workplace Strategy & Integrated Design, and Change Management – transforms offices into spaces that transmit an experience in tune with company values. It helps individuals feel that they are a vital part of the company through relationships of reciprocal and constructive exchange.

Organisational Assessment

In such a fluid and rich period of change like the one we are living in, people are the true wealth and substance of every company. Therefore, understanding organizations in their entirety and complexity becomes an absolute priority, beginning with their present needs, which have come to light in the recent global change. Thanks to a bottom-up approach, it is possible to sound out employees’ involvement and management’s leadership ability as well as understand workers’ needs and problems and thereby set up a qualitative analysis based on every successive intervention.

Workplace Strategy & Integrated Design

A conceptual inversion is taking place, according to which it is no longer people who adapt to places, but spaces that are shaped to meet the needs of people. The trademark of COIMA Image is its integrated approach, linking diverse competencies from interior design to engineering, from sustainability to digitalization. This integrated approach will make a predictive and dynamic approach to workspace increasingly possible through a continuous survey of data. The office reflects the vision and values of the company and the needs of those who work there, a place characterized by innovation and sustainability, by a modulable and reconfigurable design associated with smart technology that is capable of adapting to diverse and changing contexts.

Change Management

These days, change is synonymous with progress and innovation: companies must be flexible to remain competitive. Managing change is more effective when there is a consensus of the entire organization, but it is not often easy to manage it internally and independently. The Change Management consulting process helps communicate with those involved in the transformations taking place. It ensures that all the key elements of the company are aligned with new working methods, and it promotes a new design for the creation of a diverse work environment by facilitating understanding and processing change at all company levels.