Acer Europe HQ

Architectural design - Interior Design
10,000 sqm

COIMA Image is the protagonist of the complete realization and of the different construction phases of the new headquarters of Acer in Lugano, a modern and functional project yet still sensible to energetic and environment sustainability. The project, with it's rectangular box shape, features a base in stone and is characterized by a special system of glass that covers the entire building. A double layering of white glass interropted by horizontal tilted slats, aimed at increasing the level of comfort and suistainability, offers a high-tech component to the building which appears to be completely empty entering from the main hall. Onto this internal covered "court" overlook the offices and all of the meeting rooms that vary with size and depth. A contrast of fullness and empiteness that gives the space a strong sense of verticality and a srong carachter.