FC Internazionale – Suning Training Centre

The architectural design for the new Club House for Inter football club players was to build a new structure that respects the environment of an area in “La Pinetina” Park. Using a clear and rational combination of components, the new building was successfully integrated into the surrounding environment.

The project’s “centre of gravity” is to draw attention to the football pitch. The entire building is designed to allow footballers to express themselves to the best of their ability during training and preparation, in a stimulating environment with an essential, sleek style.

In the design stage, the building system selected was the one that performed best and was the most sustainable. It is pre-fabricated in wood by Wood Beton to reduce to a minimum both the building time and the environmental impact during construction.

The new building, constructed in an iconic style, has a pre-fabricated cement foundation for the basement and ground floors. Upon this was erected the wood structure of the bedrooms on the first and second floors.

PH: Maurizio Montagna

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