AB InBev

The new AB InBev headquarters is modelled on the company vision and the DNA of its main brands. Consequently, a flexible environment has been created where employees are stimulated to work together, confront one another, and activate effective and innovative synergy.

The starting point of the entire project is placing a bar at the entrance, directly in front of the reception area. From there, the layout develops in such a way that workers and visitors are immediately dropped into the world of beer, both visually and structurally.

Another key element of the layout is the decision to create a large open space or agora in a central location where it reflects the company manifesto: “Bringing people together. For a better world.” and becomes the foundation for a new interpretation of the work space. It is a break area but also a shared space for brainstorming and comparing one another’s approaches and views.

The environment is modulable and personalizable, equal to the task of meeting workers’ needs. It is enhanced with a “green” wall, a wall of plants. It offers AB InBev employees a regenerating perspective and assists in cleaning the air, while at the same time providing the workplace with a natural ambience.

The look and feel of the new offices bring to mind the design of old industrial breweries, due to the choice of raw materials such as steel, glass and wood, and a palette of colours in varied tones ranging from grey to beige.

PH: Maurizio Montagna

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