COIMA Image won the competition to design and build IBM STUDIOS in the Pavilion previously occupied by Unicredit in Gae Aulenti Square in Milan. IBM has opened the Pavilion with a completely new image and visibility, reinvisioned to communicate a locale that brings digital innovation to the centre of Milan. The project reveals the Pavilion to the city with a new cultural proposal, thereby transforming it into a harmonious, flexible and sustainable space. This project links the building to the square and the park, making it a bridge communicating with its surroundings, reframing them with new entrances and visions. The concept begins with an exhibition visible from the square and the park, an interior walkway that circles around and crosses the ground floor, then flows upward to the first floor and leads us into an immersive room, thereby creating an open, synergetic and unique space. The heart of the project is a suspended technological ribbon. Accessible from the inside but also visible from the outside, the ribbon wraps around the space, creating a covered square that becomes the focal point of the story.

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Workplace Strategy | Space planning | Interior Design
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