Sisal HQ

Sisal’s new headquarters, designed by COIMA Image, is the result of a study of the most innovative design models and an analysis of the brand’s values.
At the heart of the project is the creation of a “green lung” that crosses the building vertically and offers employees a relaxing space of well-being in contact with nature.
People travel from the ground floor to the work-café on the top floor along a green spine, consisting, at each level, of an oasis that naturally cleans the air thanks to the presence of specific tree essences. A colour palette of warm greens and browns was chosen for the new offices to recall the shades of nature.
The layouts are conceived according to an “Activity Based Working” logic, i.e. a plurality of spaces that can be used according to the activity carried out during the day, with different environments dedicated to sociability and sharing. The Sisal office is an ecosystem of physical and virtual places that encourage sharing, learning, connections and innovation.


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Space Planning | Integrated Design | Interior Design
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10.000 sqm
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