Renovation work begins on Suning Training Center

Appiano Gentile, 13 September 2019

FC Internazionale Milano and COIMA Image are teaming up for a project designed to ensure high levels of performance whilst protecting the environment.

Work has begun at Suning Training Center in Appiano Gentile as part of a modernisation programme that will see the complex reach new heights in terms of sports performance, support infrastructure and staff working areas, with completion expected by the summer of 2020.

The improvements will adhere to the highest standards of technology, innovation and efficiency, with the project guided by a future-oriented approach designed to enhance the performance of the club’s athletes while taking care of the environment.

The complex will be designed to allow the players to enjoy the best possible conditions as they focus on their training and preparation, enabling them to concentrate on optimising their technical and athletic performance in a stimulating, comfortable environment with simple styling. The complex has been designed to chime with the club’s traditional values and coexist in perfect harmony with the surrounding area.

The first step will be the construction of a new building which will house the first-team players’ rooms, the private first-team restaurant and other facilities for the coaching staff and management team. The current clubhouse will be renovated during the spring of 2020, with the modernisation works set to be fully completed by the start of the 2020/21 season.

The new building, which has been designed for the club by COIMA Image, uses a prefabricated wooden construction system patented by WoodBeton. It is a sustainable solution that combines modern design with cutting-edge technology while respecting the surrounding environment, fulfilling the club’s aim of creating an environment within which sporting activity of the highest standard can thrive.