Street art comes to the office

Milan, 1 July 2015

Street art with its direct techniques and its depiction of heartfelt suffering, comes to the office, with a view to offering interior value and opening minds toward forms of art that are not naturally used”. With these remarks, Alida Forte Catella, managing director of Coima Image, explains one of the most interesting new trends, a sign of change in the perception of work spaces.

Interior decor in residential and office projects is becoming an increasingly important and special element: it defines the style and delineates the features of the overarching look and feel of the property”, continues Alida Forte Catella. “When street art is sought out and selected, it calls for in-depth reflection which is transmitted in order to lend that element of personality that renders a project warm, comfortable and capable of serving as the backdrop for a story making it unique”.
COIMA Image’s most recent projects, the spaces of the hall of the Google-Pandora building and the Roland Berger offices, represent a new approach toward personalizing spaces.