Tailor-made Office

In the last two decades, we have completely transformed the way we think about work. Our research and strategies are founded on a continuously improving system oriented towards a digital and sustainable future. We deliver on our clients’ business goals through a full range of strategic services including workplace analysis, integrated design, and change management. These come together to create a synergic path for designing work environments.

Workplace Analysis

Workplace analysis articulates clients’ objectives and requirements for a new workplace. Listening and observation provide a context for the project, particularly with respect to the company’s culture, strategic direction and values as well as the aspirations of its people. It is then generated through a process of stakeholder engagement and through research and workshops with both the organisation’s leadership and staff.

Integrated Design

Analysis alone is not enough to lead to an excellent design but its success depends on the interplay between the demands and the unicity of each project. COIMA image includes art, creativity construction and problem solving in a single process. Our architectural staff members have special expertise in managing complex processes and in designing new facilities that can be realised in and around existing buildings and operations.

Change Management

In today’s turbulent environment, change has become synonymous with progress and innovation, which organizations must embrace in order to remain competitive. Change management plays an extremely important role in providing the tools for successful change by communicating it to those involved and engaging them in its implementation.